MPERIA Support

An Evolabel print and apply system can be configured as a Print Head in an MPERIA™ controller.

MPERIA Configuration

First, ensure that both the MPERIA controller and the Evolabel system is connected to the same network or directly connected with an ethernet cable.

  1. In the MPERIA controller, create a new installation from Configuration ‣ Print Heads and tap New Installation and enter a descriptive name.
  2. When selecting Third party drivers ‣ A-series all discovered Evolabel systems that are not already used an installation will be displayed. Select the one you want to use. Note that the serial number is what persistently identifies an Evolabel system in the MPERIA configuration.

A dialog about Software Update will be displayed briefly. When the dialog disappears the installation will be ready to use.

Evolabel Configuration

Access the Evolabel UI from a connected touch screen, or through a VNC connection from the MPERIA screen.

The MPERIA protocol is automatically enabled on connection, but if you want to configure the Evolabel system before it has been connected, the FEED protocol can be enabled from Print Jobs ‣ FEED ‣ Feed Server is Active.

  1. Configure the label sequence. Print and Apply ‣ PRINT AND APPLY.

    The default is one label per trigger/product, but can be increased to two for moving products or three for stationary products.

    For each label sequence configure:

    • Label position (product face, alignment and distance).

    • How the sequence shall be triggered.

      The recommended configuration is:
      Label1: Print On TRIG1 (mandatory) → Apply When Ready.
      Label2: Print When Ready (mandatory) → Apply When Ready.


    External Sequence Control is not supported.

  2. Configure maximum label length. Print and Apply ‣ Label Max Length (Including Gap)

    Entering the maximum label length will make it possible for the system to calculate the required distance between the print trigger and the printer in the section below:


    Depending on the applicator type the apply position may also affect the recommended distance to TRIG1. If you have a motor driven applicator, configure the longest apply position first in order to get the most useful recommendation.

  3. Configure trigger positions. Print and Apply ‣ Trigger Positions ‣ Distance to TRIG1

    When expanding the Distance To TRIG1 item, the slider will indicate through two tick marks a range where it recommends a reasonable TRIG1 distance. Note that you can see the resulting Print trig delay in ms below this item.


    The Print trig delay must be enough to handle the communication and rendering time between the two systems.

    The actual required time depends on the size of the bitmaps but allow a time from 300 ms for small labels and up to 1000 ms for large labels as a rule of thumb.

    Example: Print trig delay: 600 ms. Apply trig delay: 0 ms.

Matthews MPERIA manuals

For further details about MPERIA, please visit Matthews MPERIA software and manuals (external link).
User name: mperia
Password: software