Air Support

Troubleshoot the Air Support

  • Support blow/Applicator air supply is open as soon as the printer is powered up

    If the solenoids are open even if the two leds on the pneumatic block (see below) are off, there is something mechanically wrong with the solenoids. The solenoids may have stuck in open position and may need to be replaced.

    The leds on the pneumatic block are on as soon as the printer is powered up. This may be caused by a faulty CPU unit. If possible try with another CPU.

  • There is no Support blow and/or Applicator air supply

    Go to Settings ‣ Diagnostics ‣ Valves - Enable and Disable Support Blow valve and Applicator valve. If the leds in the pneumatic block are on the signals from CPU unit are fine. Check solenoids and air tubes if they are stuck/leaking. Remove air tubes from solenoids in order to track where the problem is. Replace failing parts

  • There is a Warning low air pressure

    Check air support to the printer - air pressure should be approx. 5.0 bar. Check air pressure on the Diagnostics page during an application - if the value shows under 3 bar, there is a Warning message. Enable Support blow and Applicator air check if the air is leaking on its way through the printer. If there is no leaking it could be the Air pressure sensor failing