Air Support

The pneumatic block contains an air pressure regulator, an air pressure sensor and two air valves. One valve controls the support blow, and one valve controls the air supply to the applicator


The main components of the pneumatic block are

  • Pressure regulator
  • Pressure sensor
  • Pneumatic valves

The upper part of the pneumatic valve controls the applicator air support and the lower part is for the support blow. There are indicators that tell if the applicator air support or the support blow are activated from the CPU.

Test the Air Support

Both the applicator air support and the support blow can be activated from the diagnostics menu
Settings ‣ Diagnostics ‣ Valves

Support Blow

The Support Blow is located on the printer side wall, just below the print roll.


The support blow got two nozzles. Verify there is a significant amount of air from both of the nozzles.